About Us


Kontractor India (KI) is an innovative digital platform and a brainchild product of 3Jay Innovations Labs Private Limited (3Jay), a software company, registered and headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.


3Jay’s R&D team only focuses on building innovative products to real-world challenges, social welfare with new ideas and concepts, we strongly believe in not following the herd.

Kontractor India Platform is developed with a focus to bring unstructured construction sector into structured way of operations with the help of technology. 

Kontractor India’s objective is to connect customers to only trusted and reputed contractors, wholesalers, and migrant workers through a process of bidding and pre-booking.  

Kontractor India strives to improve the migrant worker communities by generating employment not just in cities but also in taluks and rural areas.

Why Only Us?

Contractor Here or Nowhere

If a contractor or a wholesaler is on our platform he is one of the best in their segment, we don’t onboard anyone from anywhere

One Digital Platform

Single platform for all your pre-construction, construction and post-construction needs

Bidding Platform

Customer can purchase materials and sign contracts through Bidding, evaluate and award contracts or order to contractors/wholesalers

Hire Workers from Anywhere

Be it a City, District, Taluk no matter, hire daily wage worker through the platform around your area and pay them directly

KI as Escrow Agent

Customer and contractor can utilize KI Escrow Agent services to manage payments and transactions based on mutually agreed task-based milestones throughout the project. KI keeps track of progress and sends reports periodically.

Neutral Platform

KI is a contractor/wholesaler neutral platform, we don't have the need to favor them. Customers feedback, Successful execution of projects or orders will retain and sustain them on our platform.